A feltaláló - The Inventor
Hungarian, biographical drama, 120 min, 2020
február 13 - 19.
It is important to make films about Hungarians who achieved something valuable that has to be preserved for the generations to come. The inventor of the Beres Drops is one of these persons, it is a pity that the film about his life results to be a bit too dry to digest.
Beres Drops is a dietary supplement which boosts the immune system, usually recommended by doctors to use during wintertime or to combat a lingering illness. Its beneficial effects are widely known and it is a very popular product. However, it was not always like this. Beres invented the drops but he had to struggle against the myopic communist dictatorship as they accused him of being a charlatan. Of course, the main problem was that Beres didn't share their belief of socialism and lived according to other principles. Beres was a most inventive man but unfortunately the movie can't boast of the same creativity: acclaimed local actors struggle with artificially sounding dialogues and under-instructed scenes.