Public transport river cruises

Cross the Danube on a BKV boat.
It was wonderful news for Budapest citizens when the city’s transport corporation (BKV) announced that it would restart its boat service on the Danube. It means far more than an effective way of transport, because we also get the experience of discovering the beauties of the Danube bank from a special perspective. Get your sailor's hat and striped shirt, let's hop on board !


The first public steamship departed in 1820 and the service was unequivocally popular for a hundred years. However, in the 20th century it became less and less used as public transportation networks on and under the ground grew. In 1997 it had only 53,000 passengers.  

A few years ago BKV decided to make use of its boats and finally in 2012 the regular service restarted with the help of the European Union. The courses link together the northern and southern parts of the city, providing a great view on the Castle Hill, Gellért Hill, the Parliament, the Market Hall and other beautiful buildings.

Tickets cost 750 Ft, several types of Budapest Pass are valid on weekdays. 

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