Body the Exhibition - Budapest 2018

The most comprehensive encyclopedia of human anatomy.
Budapest, Király utca 26. (volt VAM Design Center területe), 15 February 2018 - 01 July 2018
The mysteries of human body have always fascinated people, as a child we were amazed to learn how our muscles work, or how our skeleton looks like under X-rays. It is a complicated and harmonious organization, and this interesting exhibition helps us to understand better the characteristics of our body.


The exhibition comprises 12 different galleries on 2200 square meters. That makes it the most comprehensive thematic exhibition in the field of anatomy. In the galleries the different parts of human body are presented at different phases, and we can actually see what's hidden under our skin. The overall visual experience is completed with 3D animations, making it easier to understand the mechanisms of our body. If you happen to have any questions you can ask the medical students who are there to help and provide extra information.


Film premieres

Vad Balaton

Hungarian, natural film, 65 min., 2018

Sweet Country

Australian, western, 113 min., 2017

Bonne pomme

Belgian-French, comedy, 101 min., 2017

Duck Duck Goose

American-Chinese, animation, 91 min., 2018


French-Canadian, horror, 91 min., 2018

Midnight Sun

American, romantic drama, 90 min., 2018
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