The Durrells

Based on the internationally acclaimed autobiographic novel by Gerald Durrell, this series turned out to be a big hit as soon as the first season started to air in 2016. All those people who have loved the Corfu Trilogy fell instantly for the excellent adaptation, and the story gained also some new fans as the series continued, keeping some of the good moments from the book but also giving exciting new perspectives to the narrative and the characters.
No wonder that season two was received with enthusiasm, eight million spectators from all over the world watched the adventures of the eccentric but very lovable family, not to mention the beautiful surroundings that Corfu provides for their quirky idyll. The Guardian has stated that 'The Durrells revives the dying ritual of family viewing', referring to the fact that every generation finds a reason to be interested in the series.

Season three followed the adventures of the four children: the arrogant but charming writer Larry, the introverted, honest Leslie, 'Missie' Margo with her complicated teenage problems, and little Gerry, the nature enthusiast, discovering his vocation and making friends with every available animal on the island. And of course their dedicated, all-enduring (and still attractive) mother, Louisa, who deserves to find contentment and happiness after all the tribulations she went through.


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