Fran Palermo N°7 anniversary

vagabond rock / jungle / indie
Budapest, Akvárium Klub, 27 April 2019 19:00
Tropical mood returns to the city as beloved and crazy indie-rock group is throwing a birthday bash at the capital’s most popular concert venue. The multicultural band of Budapest celebrates the 7th anniversary of its formation, and we can bet our boots that they will fill Akvárium Club with life spreading their vagabond-jungle-rock as they call it.

Not as if labeling their music would be easy: a variety of genres seem to inspire their colorful and unmistakable sound, featuring mediterranean moods, afrobeat rhythms, rock 'n' roll and synth-pop flavors. The songs are frequently ornamented with elements of world music, and always presented with a good amount of badassness. During their concerts they can transport the public with equal ease to a tropical seaside, into a western movie or to  a buzzing dance club. Rising to the occasion won't be a question for them, probably brand new songs will also form part of their repertoire: the first swallow from their next album has already arrived, they have just released their latest video clip entitled 'Demons on the Beach'. Austrian Indie-Electro trio Lex Audrey opens the event as a support act. While you are waiting for summer festivals, the best we can recommend to boost your vitamin D levels is to go to this concert and let the good vibes permeate you.


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