Open-air Bars and Terraces - Part Two

Best chill-out spots in the city.
As we step into summer we would like to spend more time outdoors, and the bars and cafés of Budapest are more than happy to satisfy that demand. Parasols are scraped-out from forgotten basements, some cozy lounge furniture is arranged, a bottle of rosé wine is put on the table, and suddenly everything is ready for a pleasant afternoon in the open.
Barlangterasz - Pál Söröző: Have you ever thought about the Lovin' Spoonful's anti-idyll pictured in their great hit 'Summer in the city' as the sun was beating down on the asphalt and suddenly the places in town didn't seem to offer shelter any more? Well, the good thing about Budapest is that besides the obvious, you can always go for more and find some hidden nooks where you might redefine your idea about the city. Cave Terrace - Pál Beer Pub is located in the middle of a highly protected natural preservation area, surrounded by a primeval forest, only 20 minutes away from Széll Kálmán Square. The charming little pub is named after the famous Pálvölgyi Cave which can be found right next to the terrace. It is a dripstone-rich cave which can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday between 10AM and 4PM. As the temperature inside is a constant 11 Celsius, it is quite a good cooling method during the summer. But if you are not that into caves you can simply sit down at Pál Beer Pub and enjoy their drinks and snacks, not to mention the excellent acoustic concerts you can catch there.

Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró: 'Where your existence tastes sweet' says their slogan, referring to the Italian maestro's famous film 'Dolce Vita', and it turns out surprisingly true: because as soon as you catch a glimpse of the friendly striped lounge chairs and begin to discern the charming music, you feel that the place has already started to work its magic on you. People and dogs can have an equally good time at Fellini Bistro as the Danube bank is always beautiful, not to mention the fact that the air is a lot cooler there because of the water: the bolder ones can dip their feet into the river or try various sports like canoeing and stand up paddle. The bistro has a good kitchen, suitable for every taste, and as the sun goes down we can listen to acoustic concerts in a unique and magical environment, or we can take part in open-air movie screenings. The Fellini-staff always has something interesting up its sleeve, it is worth a minute to check their webpage once in a while.

Építészpince: Cozy Architect's Basement is another good exemple of hidden treasures that don't give themselves easily away, and you have to be willing to go for more in order to discover them. Opposite to Szabó Ervin library at Kálvin Square, there is an other impressive building, protected by a high stone wall, and if you enter, you find yourself surrounded by a magical environment: ivy creeping up the walls, and the whole setting exhaling an aristocratic ambiance hard to describe. The place is owned by the Association of Hungarian Architects, and it functions as a restaurant, café and bar, famous for its good cuisine and tranquility. If you want to escape the city buzz but you don't have enough time to go further away from the center, Építészpince is the perfect choice for some recreation, as you can pop in any time and enjoy a delicious lunch, or a café, or a glass of beer. Also first dates are often held here because of the appealing, romantic style of the venue.

Nagyszünet : Budapest Park (the biggest local outdoor concert venue) is normally considered as a busy, noisy place, but there is one green, idyllic little corner of it where tired city dwellers can finally have a good rest. Nagyszünet (named after the longest break in school, when normally students have lunch) is a real island of peace. It's easy to recognize it as the green lawn and the striped deck chairs are visible from far away. This friendly open-air bar always has something up its sleeve as it often hosts acoustic concerts, movie screenings, street-theatre performances and contemporary circus productions. It is also dog friendly and has free Wi-fi and plugs, so you don't have to part with your pet or smart phone while sipping a refreshing cold limonade.

360 Bar: If you want a full view of the beautiful and unique Budapest panorama, then this rooftop bar is definitely your place. Though it is also open during the winter, offering transparent and warm little 'igloos' for the visitors, no doubt it is during the summer months that it shows its most appealing face. To celebrate good weather and summer vibes the place offers various coctails and a delicious mediterranean menu. It is an absolutely luxorious venue to admire the sunset and to enjoy some pleasant live music, while the panorama of the buzzing city lies beneath your feet.

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