Ivan & The Parazol: Exotic Post Traumatic

rock / beat / vintage / garage / rock n roll
Budapest, Akvárium Klub, 03 May 2019 20:00
The famous five-piece is Hungary's number one rock 'n' roll band: with unbroken popularity they are keeping the spirit of the '60s alive, playing their dynamic and original music. Now they present their brand-new album entitled 'Exotic Post Traumatic'.
This is the fourth LP of the band and they recorded it in EastWest Studios, Los Angeles, in order to achieve the best possible sound for the new material. Ivan & the Parazol can already boast of many successful concerts throughout Europe and America, not to mention that in 2015 they opened for the Deep Purple at Budapest Sportaréna. Being an enthusiast of the music of the '60s is well enough, but their trick is that they can revive and maintain the spirit of that era while adjusting their sound to modern demands, giving the whole blend a fresh, energetic kick that makes it very up-to-date. They possess a solid knowledge of the genre they want to represent, and there's a great chemistry between them: they function superbly well as a group. The potent voice and engaging personality of frontman Iván Vitáris could supply a power station, so it's not a question that their career will continue to fly high.


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