Coincidance Dance Theatre: Aurora

Dance Drama in One Act
Budapest, MOMkult, 19 December 2018 19:00
By combining a tale known by everybody, a grandiose classical piece and contemporary dancing, Coincidance Dance Theatre has created a new version of the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. It is an entirely innovative contemporary dance production, breaking with all the traditions connected to previous classical Sleeping Beauty-adaptations.


The performance takes a multi-layered approach to the original story by discovering its wide-ranging symbolism. The focus is on a girl growing up to become a woman as the various layers of the story are unfolded, including blood, the impenetrable thorn bush or the illusion of a 100 years passing. The performance also has a contemporary layer where the original story is given a psychological reinterpretation through contemporary dance – and the help of Tchaikovsky’s immortal music.

The performances is recommended for age 14 and up.

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