A Prayer Before Dawn
Based on the autobiographical novel by Billie Moore this film follows the life story of a talented English boxer who is incarcerated in a Thai prison for dealing drugs. Amidst terrible circumstances he finds his only way to escape: he starts Thai boxing.
Billie Moore wants to start a career in Thailand, but unfortunately he is a drug addict and he also occupies himself with dealing drugs. The police arrests him and soon he finds himself in the most brutal prison of Thailand surrounded by a bunch of cruel fellow prisoners. Billie must go through hell and fight his addiction and also he must find a way to restart his life: Thai box becomes a tool for redemption. It is not an easy film to watch as we get a rather realistic representation of human suffering and also a good amount of violence. The fact that we don't see subtitles during Thai dialogues helps us to understand the way how lost a foreigner must feel in this exotic and cruel environment.
11 August 2018
Hungarian title: A kíméletlen
American-British-French-Cambodian-Chinese action, 116 min, 2017
The true story of an English boxer, who literally had to fought for his freedom in the most brutal prison of Thailand.
Distributor: Vertigo Média
Premiere: 09 August 2018


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