Platon Karataev, Hello Hurricane

folk / indie / pop / rock / alternative
Budapest, A38 Hajó, 04 May 2019 19:00
Don't be mistaken by the fact that they have chosen a Tolstoy character's name for themselves: they are sophisticated enough when it comes to lyrics, but they make an absolutely charming and captivating music. Their subtle indie-folk can be lighthearted and also melancholic, but it is always a pleasure to hear.


No wonder that the young band is obtaining more and more fans in the last two years. Their very first EP 'Orange Nights' was an instant success in 2016 and the critics predicted a bright future for Platon Karataev. They immediately started to work on their first LP but they were not in a hurry as frontman Sebestyén Czakó-Kuraly also wrote two solo albums in the meantime. Finally the long-awaited LP 'For Her' arrived in November 2017 and it was just perfect: a fine summary of their professional credo. When once asked why they have chosen a 'War and Peace' character's name for the band they answered that's because their music is like Platon Karataev: simple, noble, sincere and authentic. In 2019 they have a very busy year: giving concerts in Germany and England, representing Hungary at showcase festivals and they are also preparing a new album. The video clip for the first single 'Ocean' arrived already a few weeks ago, and was received with enthusiasm: they worked together with acclaimed young actor Vidnyánszky Attila Jr., who plays the role of God, represented as a lonely conductor without audience. It is absolutely recommended to catch their next gig at A38 ship, young local alternative rock band Hello Hurricane opens the event as a support act.


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