Chestnut Festival

Budapest, Gesztenyés kert, 09 November 2019 - 10 November 2019
This delicious edible nut will be in the spotlight this weekend. Roasted chestnuts, cakes, doughnuts made with chestnuts, liquors and goose delicacies, Gesztenyés Garden awaits everybody who would like to take part in a cheerful gastro event.
Besides tasting all these chestnut-based delicacies, the festival also aims at providing a cheerful recreation for the whole family. Various pleasant programs like craft activities and a free amusement park are waiting for the children and their parents too amidst the idyllic environment of Gesztenyés Garden, famous for its beautiful wild chestnut trees. Free !


Film premieres

Wreck-It Ralph

American, animation, 92 min., 2012
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