"She’s stronger than she looks."

Interview with Claire Foy
It has caused quite a stir among the Millenium trilogy fans that the filmmakers dropped Rooney Mara and chose a less-known actress instead. But Claire Foy has already proved to be an exciting person in the leading role of TV series 'The Crown', so undoubtedly she will make a wonderful Lisbeth Salander.

She is 34 years old.


She has one child.


She has been awarded the Emmy and the Golden Globe for The Crown.

QUESTION: Had you read the books and were you familiar with this character?
CLAIRE FOY: Yes. I read the first two, so I was definitely familiar with it. I think everybody is. She’s [Lisbeth Salander] become sort of a modern kind of icon in a way. And I loved, loved the books. I just found it quite eye opening, and especially a story which focuses around a woman and that she’s sort of the most interesting person to follow as well. I was a fan of the books but obviously I’ve re-read, and re-read, and re-read them now.
QUESTION: Talk about her character a little bit. Who is she?
CLAIRE FOY: The thing about Lisbeth is she didn’t trust anyone, and she’d been so hurt in the past. In this film she is sort of a formed character in a way. She’s entirely independent. She’s a fighter and I think that she for a long time had something to fight against, and you sort of find her in this film not really having a purpose. But she’s stronger than she looks.
QUESTION: Tell us about the dragon tattoo.
CLAIRE FOY: The tattoo is the most important thing because there are specific tattoos that she has in the book. I wanted to make sure that I honored that and got them all right. And I think like a lot of people that get tattoos, Lisbeth gets them to mark certain points in her life. And the dragon, I was really keen for it to move away from the Chinese dragon and more towards the north, kind of Scandinavian dragon because I felt that hadn’t been investigated. I really wanted the wing of the dragon to be my shoulder so that it could move a bit. And, we came up with the idea of having flames that come from the dragon’s mouth up the back of the neck.
QUESTION: Can you explain the white make-up?
CLAIRE FOY: She is a bit of a vigilante in the sense. She’s very, very clever like, extremely intelligent and so she knows that she can’t be recognized. It’s more about a warrior mask to make them know that “you” mean business.
QUESTION: What are some strong female elements in this film that you appreciate?
CLAIRE FOY: The thing that I take away from Lisbeth is less about the violence and less about being physically an equal to a man because she knows that she never is. But, what Lisbeth uses is her intelligence. You may not be as strong as someone but you can be faster than them in a different way. You can think your way out of a situation in a different way.
QUESTION: What was special about working with Fede Alvarez?
CLAIRE FOY: Fede is genuinely a very special director. He is so musical. He understands filmmaking in a way that is, he’s sort of an audience member but also the director at the same time which I think is very, very rare. He understands when you need to change the rhythm and the pace of the film in order to communicate something about the story, but also to keep the audience interested, but also to let them learn something else about the character. He plots it all and knows it all in such a kind of musical way.
QUESTION: Do you think this is more of a global story?
CLAIRE FOY: I think the film’s really interesting because it’s not just a thriller. It’s not just an action film. At the heart of it there’s something quite poignant and kind of heartbreaking.
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