Tiny Market - Pici Piac

Eco-friendly design fair adjusted to the demands of children & family.
Budapest, Larus Étterem és Rendezvényközpont, 14 April 2019 10:00
Pici Piac (Tiny Market) is a design fair created especially for Mothers, children and family, offering useful accessories, pretty clothes and natural cosmetics in a cheerful and laid-back environment. It has been held for the first time in 2015 and since then it has become one of the coolest design events of Budapest.
Tiny Market is organized every month at a different venue, this time Larus Restaurant hosts the event right at the greenest district of the town. It is a good possibility to find the perfect gift for your loved ones but you can also just hang around and have fun discovering the playful products of acclaimed Hungarian designers.


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