'What kid out there doesn’t want to be a superhero?'

Interview with Asher Angel
Latest DC comics movie is about a teenager who can transform into an adult superhero every time he says the magic word 'Shazam!'. Young actor Asher Angel had the possibility to share the role of Billy Batson with co-star Zachary Levi.
QUESTION: How did you and Zachary Levi work out how to play the same character, as actors, to indicate that you’re the same guy?
ASHER ANGEL: We didn’t have a lot of time, because I was shooting another show. I think we had like two days to figure it out. And I did a couple self-tapes for him, he did a couple self-tapes for me. You know, we really already had the same mannerisms and the same facial expressions, but we definitely did pick up on like a couple of tics that we both have so we could incorporate that. But we really just had to trust in each other and in David.
QUESTION: There are a lot of kids in this movie—what did you all do in your off time?
ASHER ANGEL: There was a lot of fun stuff to do. I mean, it was cold in Toronto, I’ll tell you that. It was freezing. But we took field trips, we did dinners. We did some sleepovers, and that’s how we really bonded. Playing games and watching movies together. I feel like Jack and I really bonded at Comic-Con, like we really knew each other before that, but this is where we really became friends because we were with each other all day doing interviews, cracking jokes and we had a sleepover that night.
QUESTION: What would you like to see happen if you had a magic word and could change something in your life? Something about you, something in the world...?
ASHER ANGEL: [Laughs] Can I pick more than one?
QUESTION: Of course—this is about wish fulfillment so you can wish for more wishes, too.
ASHER ANGEL: Definitely to fly. Flight would be amazing, to explore the world, travel to different places, that’s always been a dream of mine. Superhuman strength, super strength would be awesome. Just by saying one word you get these huge muscles and you don’t have to go to the gym, you can just be like, “Hey, look what I can do. Can you do that?” I think any superpower would be amazing. It’d be really cool if you could be the richest person in the world and just hand out money. You could give the homeless money, open shelters, give it to charity. So that would be very cool.
QUESTION: What do you think is the most inspirational trait Shazam has?
ASHER ANGEL: Probably him helping others. He’s human, and he’s a kid who’s had a hard life and he really chooses the right path. He’s choosing the right side to help people even though he feels no one ever helped him before now. So, I think that’s kind of cool that he wants to help others even though what he’s been through has been really hard on him. But he has learned from it.
QUESTION: What do you feel like now that you are officially part of the DC Super Hero universe?
ASHER ANGEL: It’s crazy, it’s unreal. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve always had a dream about going into the movie theater and either seeing the trailer or seeing the movie, and I can’t even tell you what it was like seeing it for the first time. It was so exciting. I couldn’t even believe it.
QUESTION: What do you think audiences are going to experience when they’re watching this movie?
ASHER ANGEL: I think they’re going to experience a lot of action, of course, but also a good story about wish fulfillment. And it’s just lighthearted and it’s funny. I think what makes it different from any other superhero movie where they’re flying through the air and fighting each other, is that this is a superhero that’s a kid. He thinks like a kid. And what kid out there doesn’t want to be a superhero? Actually, what person out there wouldn’t want to have superhero abilities? I think Zac killed it, and I think people are really going to like him. I mean, obviously he was amazing in the trailer and it’s going to draw them in, and when they see the movie, I think they’re going to like it even more.
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