Markets' Day

Budapest, Erzsébet tér, 15 September 2019 11:00
Take part in a colorful jamboree at Erzsébet Square this Sunday! Design, vintage, antique, retro: you'll find unique clothes, accessories, jewels, decorations and also interesting programs if you visit this family friendly event!
Markets' Day aims at promoting products made by disabled or handicapped people. Whithin the confines of the event, their work has been successfully integrated into the merchandise of already renowned artists, designers and craftsmen. Eco-consciousness also plays an important role at the Markets' Day, in Akvárium Klub you can get all the low-down on zero-waste if you visit the 'Green Corner' of Little Garden Fair. The programs are really divers: you can meet with makeup stylists, you can donate blood, or escort your kids to the small petting zoo. The concert of Brass Time Band closes the day.

Film premieres


American, horror, 92 min., 2019


American-British, documentary, 114 min., 2019

Wek ohne Autor

German-Italian, historical drama, 189 min., 2018

Gemini Man

American-Chinese, action, 117 min., 2019

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

Hungarian, drama, 90 min., 2019

The Prado Museum. A Collection of Wonders

Italian-Spanish, documentary, 92 min., 2019
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