Flamenco fusion with Zsófia Pirók & Friends
Budapest, Nemzeti Táncszínház, 30 October 2019 19:00
If we would have to find connections between Spanish and Hungarian culture, we could say that their music and dances reawaken the energies of an ancient survival instinct originating from the love of life. The stake of their survival is the living culture that incorporates everything into itself that could mean pride, faith and happiness conserved as tradition.


In today’s world, in the melting pot of preserved colourful memories, the common living force is: THE LOVE OF LIFE! Honouring the past in the present is the common future, represented by our common energies. This deep-rooted feeling originating from our souls is united in this performance. No matter where the performers come from, all of its moments can be felt as theirs. Their differences are only superficial, because the feelings awakened by their dances are the same. We are surprised to discover the many little signs connecting us despite the distance.


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