FOMO: Fear of Missing Out
An intriguing and thought-provoking film about the young adults of Budapest, focusing on the aftermath of a party that went real bad.
Gergő is a nice boy, loved by his family and liked by his schoolmates. But one day he must realize that a thoughtless deed can have grave consequences, and that changes his life forever. FOMO is the first feature film of director Attila Hartung, and he has evidently a lot to say about generation Z: the nightlife of Budapest is portrayed with entertaining realism in the movie, but it also raises serious questions regarding our sense of responsibility and the wrong patterns of behavior which are infectiously spread on among teenagers. Online platforms play an important role in our lives, but watching these young people doing crazy things with the help of social media can be real unsettling sometimes. It is absolutely recommended to see, and hopefully it will inspire further dialogues on the subject.
09 October 2019
Hungarian title: FOMO - Megosztod és uralkodsz
Hungarian drama, 90 min, 2019
Gergö and his teenage friends are into three things: partying, sex, and their online following. One night, at a party, Lilla falls victim to the boys.
Directed by:

Hartung Attila

Distributor: Mozinet
Premiere: 10 October 2019


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