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Last Christmas

From the director of 'Brides Maids' and 'Spy' here comes a heartwarming and entertaining Christmas comedy featuring two charming actresses: Emilia Clarke and Emma Thompson.
Kate is evidently bent on self-destruction: she hates her job (she is working as a Christmas elf) and she doesn't give a damn about the healthy lifestyle which is prescribed for her. One day she meets Tom and that marks a good turn in her life. The sarcastic and lonely hero is a popular material for Christmas films (The Grinch, Scrooge etc.) and Emilia Clarke is surely endearing in the role: the young actress emphasized the fact that she could relate to Kate as she herself survived two brain hemorrhages and found it difficult to regain her capacities after, so in a way she understood the situation that Kate is struggling with. 'Last Christmas' is a good cinema experience when you want to see a heartwarming romantic comedy with some good acting in it.
06 November 2019
Hungarian title: Múlt karácsony
American-British romance, 102 min, 2019
Kate is a young woman subscribed to bad decisions. His last date? That of having accepted to work as Santa's elf for a department store. However, she meets Tom there...
Directed by:

Paul Feig

Distributor: UIP-Duna Film
Premiere: 07 November 2019


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