Unfortunately the first Hungarian #metoo film doesn't have the power to raise its voice and call people's attention to the problem of sexual harassment.
This is the second Hungarian film this year which treats a serious and current problem in society, but unfortunately 'Impromptu' can't achieve the heights of FOMO. Apparantly director Zoltán Nagy aimed at showing us the complexity of the situation, but the result is so subtle that we would rather call it dull and unsubstantial. The fact that the film is not lurid could also be a virtue of course, but in this case evoking some emotions would be absolutely necessary as we are speaking of an aging music teacher harassing his 13-year-old pupil. What a shame that 'Impromptu' lacks real power and can't make us feel involved. 
13 November 2019
Hungarian title: Szép csendben
Hungarian drama, 80 min, 2019
Teenager soloist Dávid decides to stand up for Nóri, 13, a cellist in their youth orchestra who is having a suspiciously close relationship with their 60-year-old conductor.
Directed by:

Nagy Zoltán

Distributor: Vertigo Média
Premiere: 14 November 2019


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