Szólóduó International Dance Festival

Budapest, MU Színház, 15 January 2020 - 18 January 2020
In January 2020 SzólóDuó International Dance Festival (an open platform for short choreographical pieces) is organized for the 21th time by Orkesztika Foundation. The Foundation is devoted to preserve, rejuvenate and popularize the more than 100 years old Hungarian art of movement.
SzólóDuó Festival is a dance festival organized by Orkesztika Foundation in Hungary since 2005. It is a festival based on an open application system. It offers opportunity for individual dancers and dance groups to perform, to realise their artistic concepts, and to receive personal, detailed feedback from the international jury.

Continuing the traditions of the previous festivals, we would like to keep at our goals that apart from some regulations the dance groups can perform their shows without restrictions. All the performances will be evaluated by a professional jury and the audience.

Four pre-nomination rounds took place prior to the Festival in Germany, Poland and Hungary and candidates could also apply via video. Selected dancers, choreographers will show their work on the occasion of the competition program, and the best pieces can be seen again at the Gala on the 18th of January.


Film premieres

The Invisible Man

American-Australian, horror, 124 min., 2020


Hungarian, drama, 118 min., 2020

10 jours sans maman

French, comedy, 104 min., 2020

La Gomera

French-German-Romanian-Swedish, crime, 97 min., 2019

Dark Waters

American, biographical drama, 126 min., 2019
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