The BlackBirds

Psychedelic Beatles Songs
Budapest, A38 Hajó, 21 February 2020 20:30
The Magic World of the Beatles! THE BLACKBIRDS have been keeping the Beatles' songs on stage for 16 years. They do this not only in Hungary but worldwide; from Liverpool to Canada. Authentic vocals, contemporary instruments and endless Beatles adoration are essential to all their performances.
In addition to the biggest hits, they sometimes bring out lesser-known songs less frequently heard at concerts, for the Beatles had a world like this: the psychedelic world of singing about a kaleidoscope-eyed girl, newspaper taxi, onion and walrus. As a result of the songwriting routine, cultural changes, and mind-altering agents, the BEATLES Music Workshop produced songs that were unimaginable until 1966. In addition to the well-known songs, THE BLACKBIRDS 'psychedelic Beatles show includes a host of hot and interesting songs (ex: I Am The Walrus, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Tomorrow Never Knows, Rita Lovely, Yer Blues, I' ve Got A Feeling etc.).


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