The Machine’s Running...

János Fajó’s exhibition
Budapest, Ybl Budai Kreatív Ház, 06 February 2020 - 08 March 2020
The latest exhibition of Ybl Buda Creative House introduces a special selection from the works of the Munkácsy and Kossuth Prize winner artist, János Fajó (1937-2018). The compositions created by means of multiplication and the gradual rotation of lines, forms and elements send spectators to another dimension.
János Fajó, who has been rightly referred to as the spiritual heir of Lajos Kassák, was one of the most outstanding representative of Hungarian constructive geometric art. His works are characterized by a strong ideological nature; spectators are quasi fascinated by them; these works indeed attract the attention and invite for a borderless and theoretic time travel. An adventure during which one tries to decode these forms, figures and signs running at and building upon one another.
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Film premieres

Cittadini del Mondo

Italian, comedy, 92 min., 2019

Guns Akimbo

British-German-New Zealander, action comedy, 95 min., 2019

Like a Boss

American, comedy, 83 min., 2020


American, animation, 114 min., 2020

Onward 3D

American, animation, 114 min., 2020
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