"A fair amount of discipline, concentration, and confidence." Interview with Jason Statham & Li Bingbing
The main character of 'The Meg' is unfortunately unavailable for the interview, so we have to content ourselves with the human protagonists, that is to say with Jason Statham and Li Bingbing. They will share their memories about the challenging underwater filming process and their feelings about the project.
"It felt very big and grand and exciting." - Evangeline Lilly
Evangeline Lilly first became worldwide famous because of her role in successful TV-series Lost, and after she obtained even more fans as the elf-warrior in The Hobbit trilogy. Now the Marvel Universe also engaged her in their latest movie Ant-man and the Wasp, to the great delight of the fans.
"The film has such a crazy ensemble." - Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm has become a real star thanks to his role in TV-series Mad Men, and now he is one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. His latest action-comedy Tag concentrates on the importance of childhood friendships and bonds, and also serves some hilarious moments to the public.
"By thinking a little smaller, I could have more creative freedom." - Jeff Wadlow
For director Jeff Wadlow it was a challenging situation when horror producer Jason Blum asked him to create a real scary film about poopular teenage game truth or dare.
"We never missed an opportunity to chat with one another." - Helena Bonham Carter
One of the most eccentric figures in cinematography turned into a real team-player shooting the latest Ocean's heist movie, as she had to find her place betwen seven distinguished fellow-actresses.
"Usually that character is the sidekick" - Nick Robinson
Talented and handsome Nick Robinson from Seattle was born to be a movie star. In the leading role of Love, Simon he can boast of being the hero of the first teenage-centric movie about being gay that was created by a big Hollywood Studio. Love, Simon can be seen before the actual premier in cinema.
"Things that aren't necessarily as sexy" - Ryan Reynolds
He is considered to be one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, but it's behind a mask that he became really successful. With Deadpool 2 he proved again that there is life beyond the Marvel Universe.
'It was as if she was proposing to me' - John Krasinski
We had known John Krasinski for a long time as an excellent comic actor and also the husband of actress Emily Blunt, but now his second feature film, a blood-curdling, silent horror, has been received superbly well by the critics and the audience, so we asked him about the shooting process.
'The best stuff is yet to come' - Robert Downey Jr.
The building of the Marvel Universe has started with Tony Stark, but that is definitely sure that it will not end with him. The Universe has become too big for one hero to influence its glory or fall. But Tony Stark is still here, currently preparing for a showdown in Avengers.
'I decided to approach those scenes more playfully' - Naomie Harris
Although acting in several James Bond films, she has never been part of a monumental monster movie stuffed with special effects, so the shooting of Rampage was a new experience and a pleasant surprise for her, besides being a great challenge.
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