Tiny Market - Pici Piac Budapest, Akvárium Klub, 09 December 2018 10:00
Pici Piac (Tiny Market) is a designed fair created especially for Mothers, children and family.
Wild Art Exhibition and Party Budapest, Dürer Kert, 06 December 2018 17:00
This unique event is organized by young artists who would like to show that when you're into arts, there is more to see in Budapest besides the National Gallery. A fresh, surprising and cheeky exhibition peppered with concerts, partying and a cheerful international crowd.
Good bye extra weight, hello sports !
Let's stir things up a bit, and have a look at some of the coolest sport activities which are very much in vogue nowadays.
Good bye extra weight, hello sports ! - II.
Let's stir things up a bit, and have a look at some of the coolest sport activities which are very much in vogue nowadays.
Advent Fairs in Budapest Let's prepare together for Christmas ! Budapest, 24 November 2018 - 24 December 2018
The weeks before Christmas are always special: people walk by the cozy little stands under the colored garlands of lights, looking for Christmas presents or simply enjoying the cheerful atmosphere of the fair. Let's discover the Advent Fairs of Budapest as we are bound to spend quite a lot of time at them, sipping mulled wine and preparing for the winter festivities.
Hanging out in Óbuda, eating a túrós csusza...
At the pier of Árpád bridge (Buda side) there is a small square surrounded by a charming little quarter of town, which is frequently sought for by Budapesters when they want to escape the city hubbub for a while, or want to discover a place where the atmosphere of old times still lingers and can be found.
Budapest from Bird's-Eye View
Enjoying the city panorama and having fun at the same time is possible: let’s discover some of the special vehicles of the capital which give us the possibility of seeing Budapest from bird’s perspective, and admire its unique beauty as it lies beneath our feet.
How to get the Budapest Look
Are you interested in fashion? Are you fed up with the ready-to-wear garments sold in most of the shops? Is the quality of the materials important to you and would you like to know how ethic was the making process? This article will show you a couple of Hungarian designers who might be able to satisfy all your special demands. Attention! The following pictures of beautiful clothes may cause an excessive desire to go shopping.
Budapestinfo Points
Recently arrived in Budapest? Feeling a bit lost and ill at ease? Don’t worry, Info Point offices are waiting for you.
Tram Line no. 2. of Budapest
Discovering the popular and hidden gems of Budapest might be easier than you think.
Public transport river cruises Cross the Danube on a BKV boat.
It was wonderful news for Budapest citizens when the city’s transport corporation (BKV) announced that it would restart its boat service on the Danube. It means far more than an effective way of transport, because we also get the experience of discovering the beauties of the Danube bank from a special perspective. Get your sailor's hat and striped shirt, let's hop on board !
Film premieres

Billionaire Boys Club

American, biographical drama, 108 min., 2018


British, documentary, 111 min., 2018


American-Australian, fantasy, 143 min., 2018

Second Act

American, romance, 103 min., 2018

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

American, animation, 117 min., 2018
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