Sweet Country

Western is not a cheery genre, and the Australians can make it even more stark and merciless than the Americans. Warwick Thornton’s 1920s-set tale unfolds on the Northern Territory frontier, and follows the fate of Sam, an Indigenous Australian farm worker who finds himself pursued by the law after shooting a white man in self-defence.
This majestic western tells an intriguing story of racial tension and rough justice in Australia in the '20s. After an unhappy conflict, Sam and  his wife Lizzie have to flee into the wilderness, where they must survive using the knowledge that their ancestors handed down from generations past. In the meantime, a stubborn lawman pulls together a small posse to track down the fugitives, and he is determined to capture them and bring them back to the nearby town. Justice must be served - the problem is, that these tough and unbending characters may not fully understand the meaning of this term, not having the necessary sense of equity, let alone compassion.

'Sweet Country' is
director Warwick Thornton’s first feature since his 2009 debut Samson and Delilah. He told the Guardian Australia that "the film resonates in a strange way with people. It’s a classic tale. It’s about land grabs. It’s about taking over the country. It’s a basic western that people relate to on a range of different levels". 
19 April 2018
Hungarian title: Veszett vidék
Australian western, 113 min, 2017
When a native Australian shoots a white man in self defence in the 20s, a manhunt begins and he has to run.
Directed by:

Warwick Thornton

Distributor: ADS Service
Premiere: 19 April 2018

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