How to Talk to Girls at Parties
Director John Cameron Mitchell likes to take the audience by surprise, and his latest film is as unorthodox and compelling as we have expected, telling an extravagant love story with lot of music from the '70s.
This unusual and engaging story is set in suburban London in the late 70s. Every teenager in the country wants to be a punk, and of course they also want a girlfriend. Our hero Enn seems to have big luck as he stumbles upon a pretty girl at a punk party. He doesn't know yet that the girl in fact is an alien sent to Earth for a dark reason. Enn must struggle to save the one he loves, but he must realize that their life can never be the same after this.
11 May 2018
Hungarian title: Így csajozz egy földönkívülivel
British comedy musical, 102 min, 2017
Aliens arrive on earth to study us, but one of them breaks away from the group to have a look at the London suburb of Croydon, in 1977.
Distributor: HungariCom
Premiere: 10 May 2018
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