Michael Myers has spent the last decades in a psychiatric institute while Laurie Strode has transformed her home into a real fortress. She prepares for another dangerous encounter, and with a good reason: it has been 40 years since the bloody events but Laurie doesn't forget.
Unfortunately somebody has the stupid idea of moving Myers to another institute, and of course he escapes en route and resumes his mindless killings. Meanwhile the trauma she experienced in the past has created a gap between Laurie and her family: now they must put their differences aside and they have to pull together in order to survive. Though undoubtedly very frightening, this sequel can't really live up to expectations, and though Jamie Lee Curtis still looks rather sexy with a gun, it is better to leave the old horror classics untouched.
26 October 2018
Hungarian title: Halloween
American horror, 106 min, 2018
Four decades ago, Laurie Strode survived the Halloween massacre organised by Michael Myers. Now, it's time for another encounter.
Directed by:

David Gordon Green

Distributor: UIP-Duna Film
Premiere: 25 October 2018
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