The Kim family lived a lovely and idyllic life, but all is shattered when 16-year-old Margot suddenly goes missing. The police seems helpless, so the desperate father, David decides to investigate alone: he breaks into Margo's laptop in order to find some clues. Soon David has to realize that maybe he didn't really know his own daughter.
The most unusual thing about this film is that the story unfolds on the screens of computers and smartphones, creating a bizarre feeling of insecurity as we pry into other people's private files. It works as a thriller and also as a drama about father-daughter relationship. David becomes more and more obsessed with the case: he starts doing morally questionable things and he is being caught up in impossible situations while trying to find the culprits. Soon he must realize that he can't find out where Margo can possibly be until he doesn't really know who she is. Existing or non-existing friends, skipped piano lessons, fake driving license and secret bank account: the clues lead further into the private life of a teenager who may have been lost forever.
19 September 2018
Hungarian title: Keresés
American thriller, 102 min, 2018
After his 16-year-old daughter disappears, the desperate father hacks her computer to search for clues.
Directed by:

Aneesh Chaganty

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 20 September 2018


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