Wonder Park

A little girl and her mother create together a magical amusement park which only exists in their imagination. Wonder Park is run by a group of animals, resembling June's plush toys: Boomer, the big blue bear, Greta, the wild boar; Gus and Cooper the beaver brothers, Steve, the porcupine, and Peanut, the chimpanzee.
One day Mrs. Bailey gets sick and is sent away for recovery. June becomes very frustrated and turns away from Wonderland. As a compensation, she starts to worry exceedingly about the health of her father. She even escapes from school in order to be with him, but on her way home she finds a broken-down Wonderland in the woods. The park is currently being stormed by a cloud named the Darkness, so June together with her animals attempts to fight back and fix the park's mechanism. Wonder Park is a tale about the power of imagination, but lacks the creative energy of other popular and current animations like 'Toy Story', 'Inside Out' or 'How to train your Dragon'.
18 April 2019
Hungarian title: Csodapark
American-Spanish animation, 85 min, 2019
The story of a magnificent amusement park where the imagination of a wildly creative girl named June comes alive.
Distributor: UIP-Duna Film
Premiere: 18 April 2019


 08/14/20 Friday, 16:25

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