Five Feet Apart
After the undeniable success of 'The Fault in Our Stars' many filmmakers try to copy the plot and create a moving love story starring teenagers with rare diseases.
This time our heroes are struck with a strange genetic desease called cystic fibrosis. Will and Stella meet in a hospital and fall in love, though their illness also means that they must avoid close physical contact. Their personalities couldn't be more different: Will never plays by the rules, while Stella does everything the doctors require of her. Though the chemistry works well between the two young people, there are too many clichés: the script lacks originality so we can't really feel related to this story.
02 May 2019
Hungarian title: Két lépés távolság
American romantic drama, 116 min, 2019
Two teenagers with life-threatening illnesses meet in a hospital and fall in love.
Directed by:

Justin Baldoni

Distributor: UIP-Duna Film
Premiere: 02 May 2019


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