Lords of Chaos

Set in Oslo, 1987, Lords of Chaos tells the story of 17-year-old Euronymous who wants to escape his traditional upbringing. But launching the 'true Norwegian black metal' is not easy, and soon his exaggerated pranks escalate into violence and murder, shocking the entire nation.
This controversial chapter of Scandinavian black metal history is undoubtedly an excellent material for filmmakers. The story of Mayhem band is full of strange and dark things: it's not only about bad pranks like setting fire to temples, because unfortunately some people have really lost their lives. Director Åkerlund captures the black humour of the happenings and the film in fact is a unique blend between drama, horror and black comedy, based on the fact that behind all these terrible things there were just a couple of teenagers unable to grow up and hungry for attention.
02 May 2019
Hungarian title: Lords of Chaos - A sötétség gyermekei
British-Swedish biographical drama, 118 min, 2018
Lords of Chaos tells the true story of True Norwegian Black Metal and its most notorious practitioners - a group of young men with a flair for publicity, church-burning and murder: MAYHEM.
Directed by:

Jonas Akerlund

Distributor: Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.
Premiere: 02 May 2019
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