The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part 07 February 2019 - 13 February 2019
We see conflict between siblings and a threatening invasion from the outer space.
A Christmas Carol Budapest, Kolibri Gyermek- és Ifjúsági Színház, 19 February 2019 14:00
The Richard Challoner Theatre Company brings his adaptation of Dickens' immortal story to Budapest. The innovative performance is directed by Neil Zoladkiewicz and presented on the stage of Kolibri Theatre.
Have a (n)ice day !
Though winter lasts long, there is no time for being bored, even after the Christmas Holiday. Let's have a look on the ice rinks of Buda!
Have a (n)ice day !
The second part of our informative series about the ice rinks in Budapest is coming up, this time focusing on the Pest-side.
Zoos & Tropicariums
There are many possibilities for connecting with nature and discover the wildlife of forests, oceans and jungles around the world. Let's take a look on the zoos and game parks that Budapest offers for us.
Sightseeing with children
Visiting the popular and hidden gems of Budapest with kids might be easier than you think, as great adventures are waiting for the family following the course of public transportation.
Playgrounds Part I. – Pest side
Having enough of crammy indoor programs? Time to up and discover the colorful playgrounds of the city.
Playgrounds Part II. – Buda side
Having enough of crammy indoor programs? Time to up and discover the colorful playgrounds of the city.
Skanzen for Children The open-air ethnographic museum of Szentendre Szentendre, Szentendrei Skanzen
A unique, living open-air museum about Hungarian culture, giving us an insight into what everyday life was like back in the old days in rural Hungary.
Explore the Danube-Bend on cruise ships
Although Budapest is wonderful, the sultry hot summer weeks can be devastating after a while. The one-day river cruises can be great adventures for the cantankerous little ones and their parents.
Film premieres


Hungarian, comedy, 98 min., 2019

Zimna wojna

British-French-Polish, romantic drama, 88 min., 2018

Happy Death Day 2U

American, horror, 100 min., 2019

On Chesil Beach

British, romantic drama, 110 min., 2017

Maria by Callas

French, documentary, 119 min., 2017

Alita: Battle Angel

American-Argentinean-Canadian, sci-fi, 122 min., 2018
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