Charlotte Gainsbourg indie / pop / electro / alternative Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 30 June 2019 20:00
Zenélő Budapest - Musical Budapest Free miniconcert series Budapest, 01 June 2019 - 28 August 2019
'Let music belong to everyone!'- said composer and pedagogue Zoltán Kodály. Unique and popular miniconcert series called Zenélő Budapest fulfills his wish every year as squares and public buildings are transformed into concert venues during the summer to the delight of the passersby.
Nicola Benedetti & San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra Budapest, Margitszigeti Szabadtéri Színpad, 04 July 2019 20:00
One of the most sought-after violin soloists of her generation for the first time in Hungary! On Margaret Island we will hear songs from one of music literature’s most popular and difficult violin concertos.
Kolorádó Festival Nagykovácsi, Juliannamajor, Nagykovácsi, 19 June 2019 - 22 June 2019
Kolorádó Festival is quite a youngster on the local music scene as this will be the fourth time that the event is organized amidst the picturesque setting of the Buda-hills. It is hugely popular among the younger generation as it offers an exeptional possibility to discover the inner nomad and enjoy fun programs and cool music in the heart of the forest.
Film premieres

Men In Black: International

American, , 115 min., 2019

Three Identical Strangers

British, documentary, 96 min., 2018

High Life

American-British-French-Polish-German, sci-fi, 110 min., 2018
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