The spirit of Flamenco - Interview with dance artist Zsófia Pirók
A dedicated and strong-willed young artist, always taking the untrodden path.
Carmina Burana Dance performance by Szeged Contemporary Dance Company Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 01 February 2019 19:00
The iconic performance of the Company remains a resounding success since 15 years now, it is practically unremovable from the programme, there is a massive turnout every time when the piece is performed. Choreographed by Tamás Juronics, this epic show is a visual orgy accompanied by Carl Orff's monumental music.
Tango no Tango Modern Tango Show Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 19 January 2019 19:00
The charming duo László Budai & Andrea Pirity and their guests transport the audience to the streets of Buenos Aires discovering the many faces of this passionate dance based on the intricate relationship between man and woman.
Film premieres


American, thriller, 129 min., 2019


French-Indian, drama, 99 min., 2018


Belgian-Luxembourgian, drama, 117 min., 2018

Pájaros de verano

Danish-Colombian-Mexican, gangster, 125 min., 2018
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