Wuthering Heights Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 24 March 2020 19:00
The passionate, immortal love of Cathy and Heathcliff is staged by the Miskolc Ballet.
La Cage aux Folles Budapest, Átrium, 11 March 2020 19:30
La Cage aux Folles is a place where everyone can be what they are. Or what they want to be. But what if you cannot show what you truly are? Faith, hope, love, work, family, country, yesterday, today, tomorrow, me, you – and us together. A spectacular performance directed by Róbert Alföldi.
Be in Time (Constellations) Budapest, RS9 Színház, 29 February 2020 19:30
When you are visiting Budapest it is generally a challenge to find theatre performances in English. Asterion Project Theatre intends to fill the gap: recently they brought two excellent pieces, one of them is a boy-meets-girl romantic comedy which shades into something much sadder.
The Square Presented by Asterion Project Theatre in English! Budapest, RS9 Színház, 14 March 2020 19:30
This play is about the painfully awkward first love: the invisible line between friendship and romantic relationship, the pressure of adapting to the norms of society, to ‘fit in’ and most of all – fear. The fear to accept ourselves and follow our hearts, the fear of how we may look to others and the intense fear of rejection.
Recirquel Company Budapest : Non Solus Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 20 March 2020 19:00
Non Solus is the story of two humans finding one another, and exploring the innermost depths of their imaginations. A perfect union in an imaginary space, created by two seemingly very different, yet closely related disciplines: dance and circus.
Recirquel Company Budapest: My Land Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 18 March 2020 19:00
'My Land', the breathtaking new production of Hungarian contemporary circus company 'Recirquel Budapest' premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August, and critics rated it the best show of 2018.
Film premieres

Call of the Wild

American, adventure, 100 min., 2020

Gospod postoi, imeto i' e Petrunija

Belgian-French-Croatian-Macedonian-Slovenian, drama, 100 min., 2019

Wasp Network

Belgian-French-Spanish, thriller, 123 min., 2019


Danish-German-Norwegian, , 90 min., 2019

It Must Be Heaven

French-Canadian-German-Palestinian-Turkish, comedy, 97 min., 2019
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